"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” ~Theodore Roosevelt

Traci Eatherton

I have over 17 years of professional writing, designing, editing and advertising experience; I have all areas of communications covered. 

With a journalism degree and a masters degree in ag extension, I can bring both education and 25 years of experience to my blog and business, The Other Ranch Hand . My resume includes director of communications for the Colorado Cattlemen's Association, online editor for a .com company, managing editor for Western Livestock Journal, and freelance writer for over a dozen magazines.


My writing portfolio is as diverse as my hobby list. Horses, wine, reading, long hot bubble baths, pets, agriculture, the perfect grandson, family, travel, wine, the perfect grandson, writing, skiing, cooking, steak, seafood, wine, agriculture, and did I mention, the perfect grandson!? And wine?

I spend my days trying to find humor, in almost everything. Because if I can't laugh about it, I might have to cry. I moved to Wyoming, in 2013, to help out Dad after he broke his hip. Still learning to pick my battles there...but it makes for great writing material!